domingo, 30 de octubre de 2016

"BLIND PAINTINGS" to celebrate Halloween

This bunch of were interpretations were done by students last day with our Irish language assistant SEAN. He described four scary paintings by different artists. Students did not look at the original drawing until the end of the class, once we collected all their compositions. They had to follow the instructions to place the different elements and understand the details to get the whole images in less than 55'. I am doing this creative activity for three years and the results always surprised me. Congratulations, you did it pretty well!!

Have a whale of a time!!!!

1ºB ESO:

Odilon Redon,"The cyclops"(1898-1900)

Student's interpretations

Claudia Paredes

María José Sanz

Fran Manzanares

Lucía Caballero

Alejandro Botía

Alba Medina

Ana Hernández

Andrea Pérez Cayuelas

Claudia López

Jaime Guadix

Lucía Saura

Paula Pérez

Mario Zaragoza

Nieves Ferrer

Mercedes García

Milashu López

Laura Mateo

Lucía Frutos

David Escobar

Sandra Fernández

Victor Frutos

2ºA ESO:

"The night"by A.W.Johannessen

Digital student's interpretations

Alba Gil

Alba Moreno

Carlos Quinto

Ramón López

África Aranda

Jennifer López


"Premonition" (1893) by Henryk Weissenhoff

Wian Zine

Gabriela Díaz

María Conesa

Daniel López

Carmen Marina Juárez

Paula Navarro

Irene López

Juliana Sainz

Ángel Alonso

Javier Martínez

Adrián Castillo

Soraya Blaya

Big thanks to Álvaro Sala for his help!!

sábado, 29 de octubre de 2016


This post is a reminder of how easy can be to apply the Thales Theorem. Follow the process. Divide a line segment into 9 equal parts. Draw the square. Use a ruler to create the beautiful image we started doing last day. Have a nice weekend!!


viernes, 28 de octubre de 2016


Here you have a beautiful inspirational short film made by using only a piece of charcoal and some blackboards. Enjoy this weekend!!

domingo, 16 de octubre de 2016


We have been practicing with the technical drawing tools: the set squares and a pair of compasses. These great celtic symbols are just an excuse to get skills that they need to work from now on. Very good job!!
Alba Moreno

Natalia Campo

Monse Sarmiento

Mónica Moreno

África Aranda

Esperanza Martínez

Natalia Campo

Jennifer López

Monse Sarmiento

Monse Sarmiento

Alba Gil

Jennifer López

Ana Gil

Monse Sarmiento

Jennifer López

Natalia Campo

Monse Sarmiento

Adrián Ávila

Ramón López

Monse Sarmiento

Jennifer López

Natalia Campo

Jennifer López